rising fire flame crates a fire whirpool,

the rise of a fire whirpool

fire flame with stregnt in a whirpool of burning elements
fire flame strenght triggers a fire whirpool on dark night background

Symbolism and surrealism in this digital artwork. The fire is also a symbol of strenght and it is one of the basic elements. We see a fire flame triggering with its strenght a fire whirpool. Symbols and archetypes caracterize this surreal picture.

place with fire and cross dissolved by a vortex with a dream peaaceful landscape inside

vortex with peaceful landscape replaces hellish mood

place with fire and cross dissolved by a vortex with a dream peaaceful landscape inside
opening vortex with dream landscape inside dissolving burning place with a cross dominated by fire

many symbols related to religious archetypes in this surreal picture. We see a hellish landscape dominated by burning objects and fire replaced by a dream and peaceful landscape rising from a vortex. Contrats between fire, water and moon. A crystal pyramid is located in this dream landscape.


after death or post mortem: esoteric symbolism

surreal corridor with scipts of bible in ancient hebrew, gospel in ancient greek, tibetan scripts, image of garuda and light
surreal corridor depicting the trip of the soul after death

after death: scripts and symbols of Tibetan, Hindu,  Hebrew, Buddhist, Islamic and Christian religion for one  goal only.  This surrealism pictures has an esoteric symbolism and is related to the syncretism . The picture depicts the path of the soul after death as from tales of religions and mistics.A corridor with a light at its top. In some religions dying man is accompanied in his start to the other wolrd journey, as written in Tibetan book of Deads for example. Pictures are taken from holy places around the world: Bhutan monastry, synagogue, greek monastry and hindu temple. Many languages and symbols for one meaning and only one transcendent destination.

light and reflections, surrealism

expansion of light: surreal landscape

emerging red and blue pyramid in surreal landscape with moon on dark sky and flying seagulls
emerging hyaline quartz pyramid in surreal landscape with seagulls and moon in dark sky

The light and the movement are  the theme of this surreal landscape, with symbols like light, pyramid and moon. The left perspective gives the photography based artwork a great movement from left to right. The hyaline quartz pyramid is emerging from surreal sea and the rising light is expanding, dissolving the  darkness

bruno paolo benedetti, surrealism

surrealism and symbolism: enlightenment and self awarness

one man is walking on a bridge in multicolored sky with snow toward a door with tibetan symbols
symbolic picture depicting enlightenment and self awarness.


The enlightenment and the self awarness are depicted in all religions. Here we have a surreal sky with colors and lights and a bridge covered with snow where a man is walking to a windows with inside a corridor with symbols  and letters of Bhutanese alphabet, The corridor represents the after death experience of the human soul, and is connected with a change, the snow is always connected with meditation, the bridge in the sky is the crossing to a new step. All the symbols are togheter for a dream image with strong symbolic value.


Bruno Paolo Benedetti


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surrealism and symbolism: a way to depict cultural and religious archetypes

emerging colored pyramid in light, surrealism photography
emerging colored pyramid in light, surrealism photography


In the surrealism photography the image can hold a conceptual and symbolic value, in contrast with non objective photograpy, where the image interpretation depends on  the watcher imagination. It takes the place or better can be used along the symbols of the world cultures. We have symbols like Swastika, Cross, Moon, Sun, and many others used by official religions and mystic movements, related to a specific meaning. The two swastikas toghether simbolise the equilibrium, the cross the rebirth and the Moon, in the islamic religion, has different meanings depending on its color. All these symbols evoque, in their culture and religion, a specific sensation, message. So through the surrealism photography we can create images transmitting messages as well. The depicted situations, landscapes create a dream world which makes our imagination working. We start from the rational sphere, given by a recognizable image for reaching the emotional sphere.

We can say that, in the photography based digital art, non objective artworks adress to the emotional sphere and the surrealism picture to both  emotional and rational spheres. In the surrealsim photography the watcher sees a well-definied image with more recognizable elements.

This is of course one of the possibilities to use the  surrealism photography.  I don’t say that this is the surrealism photography, but that is a good possibility to represent concepts up to know transmitted only by symbols.


Bruno Paolo Benedetti