light and reflections, surrealism

light reflections in the wind

Bruno Paolo Benedetti

two seagulls flying on light reflections on dark background dream landscape with two seagulls flying on a shining light flow pushed by the wind on a dark backround. Limited edition print 1 of 100 on metallic paper size 20×30 inches

This artwork is inspired by the Sanskrit name of Samira.  The name Samira has its known origins in Arabic and Sanskrit. It is a name of Goddess Durga and Lord Hanuman: Lord Hanuman is also known as Sameerudu (the name given to him while he was carrying the Sanjeevani mountain) from which the name Sameera is said to be derived. In the Arabic language the name was connected with the wind. The Goddess Durga is one of the three Jogin,i with Kali and Parvathi, expression of the Shakti, the femal strenght of the universe, connected with their husband Shiva. This artwork was inspired by a woman called Samira, and with this artwork I wanted depict the purity and the strength of the wind as the breath of the…

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opening tunnel in a forest and dream landscape with snow, fort, hyaline quatz pyramid and moon

surreal landscape: gateway to a new dimension

opening tunnel in a forest and dream landscape with snow, fort, hyaline quatz pyramid and moon
Dream landscape with snow, moon, a fort and hyaline quatz pyramid with light reflection beyond opening tunnel in a forest,

Surreal theme symbolysing the passage through an opening gateway from our reality into a new dimension with calm mood and dream atmosphere.  There is always something unknown under our eyes and we can find unexpected gateways to another dimension of knowledge, consciousness and senses. We need only to keep our eyes open and an open mind for finding these gateways.

rising fire flame crates a fire whirpool,

the rise of a fire whirpool

fire flame with stregnt in a whirpool of burning elements
fire flame strenght triggers a fire whirpool on dark night background

Symbolism and surrealism in this digital artwork. The fire is also a symbol of strenght and it is one of the basic elements. We see a fire flame triggering with its strenght a fire whirpool. Symbols and archetypes caracterize this surreal picture.

place with fire and cross dissolved by a vortex with a dream peaaceful landscape inside

vortex with peaceful landscape replaces hellish mood

place with fire and cross dissolved by a vortex with a dream peaaceful landscape inside
opening vortex with dream landscape inside dissolving burning place with a cross dominated by fire

many symbols related to religious archetypes in this surreal picture. We see a hellish landscape dominated by burning objects and fire replaced by a dream and peaceful landscape rising from a vortex. Contrats between fire, water and moon. A crystal pyramid is located in this dream landscape.


surreal spiny shape on decorated sphere in rough texture like a mosaic

spiny shape with circles on sphere in brown color and rough texture like a mosaic
spiny surreal shape on sphere in rough texture like a mosaic


Surrealism is the theme of this photography based digital artwork. On a sphere in rough texture with depicted curved lines, similar to a mosaic, we see a surreal spiny shape. All is in brown color with many shades.


after death or post mortem: esoteric symbolism

surreal corridor with scipts of bible in ancient hebrew, gospel in ancient greek, tibetan scripts, image of garuda and light
surreal corridor depicting the trip of the soul after death

after death: scripts and symbols of Tibetan, Hindu,  Hebrew, Buddhist, Islamic and Christian religion for one  goal only.  This surrealism pictures has an esoteric symbolism and is related to the syncretism . The picture depicts the path of the soul after death as from tales of religions and mistics.A corridor with a light at its top. In some religions dying man is accompanied in his start to the other wolrd journey, as written in Tibetan book of Deads for example. Pictures are taken from holy places around the world: Bhutan monastry, synagogue, greek monastry and hindu temple. Many languages and symbols for one meaning and only one transcendent destination.


space inside hyaline quartz pyramid in black emptiness

on black background with one full and one half moon hyaline quartz pyramid with blue and brown shades
blue and brown shades inside hyaline quartz pyramid in black empty space with full and half moon

Symbols and contrast for this digital artwork of surrealism photography. Colored hyaline quartz pyramid in black emptiness with half and full moon. Outside emptiness, inside content. Hyaline quartz changes perspectives and evidences the blue shades  like a lens.


darkness dissolution: surreal landscape

moon in sky with cloud layer behind dissolving black network
dark network dissolving in blue sky with cloud layer and moon

The contrast between light and darkness, the good and the bad, is the theme of this photography based artwork. We see a dissolving dark network making the watcher see a peacefull landscape with moon in blue sky, on a clouds layer, appearing beyond the darkness.

light and reflections, surrealism

expansion of light: surreal landscape

emerging red and blue pyramid in surreal landscape with moon on dark sky and flying seagulls
emerging hyaline quartz pyramid in surreal landscape with seagulls and moon in dark sky

The light and the movement are  the theme of this surreal landscape, with symbols like light, pyramid and moon. The left perspective gives the photography based artwork a great movement from left to right. The hyaline quartz pyramid is emerging from surreal sea and the rising light is expanding, dissolving the  darkness


surreal landscape:escape route from firestorm

stone bridge in the sky with firestorm with a hole and a surreal landscape beyond
a stone bridge in a firestorm takes to a peacefull place beyond a hole

Surreal landscape symbolising the “way out”. A vortex in a firestorm in the sky opens a hole and a bridge takes beyond this hole, into a calm surreal lanscape with shining lights in the colored sky.