surreal spiny shape on decorated sphere in rough texture like a mosaic

spiny shape with circles on sphere in brown color and rough texture like a mosaic
spiny surreal shape on sphere in rough texture like a mosaic


Surrealism is the theme of this photography based digital artwork. On a sphere in rough texture with depicted curved lines, similar to a mosaic, we see a surreal spiny shape. All is in brown color with many shades.

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the forest: inspiration source for photography based digital art

broken lines and shades of brown and ocher in non objective photography
shades of brown and ocher nuances with rough texture


We did see how colors of the nature and rivers, ponds and sea sohres as well can be inspiration source fot photography based digital art. Amoung these places, source of inpsiration, we can find also the forests. The trees give the watcher a very great number of designs and shades of brown inside their trunks. The tones are deep, the texture is rough and the shades of brown are infinite. Here above we can see a very elegant expression similar to an ancient Greek decorations.

Bruno Paolo Benedetti