abstract non objective photography, colors, light and reflections

mottled colors and starry lights

Bruno Paolo Benedetti

starry lights and mottled colors in abstract image with yellow dominant multicolored image with yellow,red,green,pink,blue,black mottled colors with shades and starry lights

many brillant colors and starry lights in a yellow dominant image with many shades.

abstract non objective photography  for sale in prints and Rights Managed license.

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abstract non objective photography, light and reflections

fluid light reflections

Bruno Paolo Benedetti

abstract picture in limited edition for sale with light reflections and round shapes fluid light shapes and reflections in a high contrast artwork.

fluid light shapes and reflections in a high contrast artwork. Round abstract shapes. Limited edition prints 1 of 100 size 20×30 inches on Kodak Endura metallic paper.

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abstract non objective photography, light and reflections

blue shades and water reflections

Bruno Paolo Benedetti

blue signs on light blue water blue floating shades on the water with light reflections

Sunlight and black spots with black signs floating on light blue water.

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light and reflections, surrealism

light reflections in the wind

Bruno Paolo Benedetti

two seagulls flying on light reflections on dark background dream landscape with two seagulls flying on a shining light flow pushed by the wind on a dark backround. Limited edition print 1 of 100 on metallic paper size 20×30 inches

This artwork is inspired by the Sanskrit name of Samira.  The name Samira has its known origins in Arabic and Sanskrit. It is a name of Goddess Durga and Lord Hanuman: Lord Hanuman is also known as Sameerudu (the name given to him while he was carrying the Sanjeevani mountain) from which the name Sameera is said to be derived. In the Arabic language the name was connected with the wind. The Goddess Durga is one of the three Jogin,i with Kali and Parvathi, expression of the Shakti, the femal strenght of the universe, connected with their husband Shiva. This artwork was inspired by a woman called Samira, and with this artwork I wanted depict the purity and the strength of the wind as the breath of the…

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abstract non objective photography, articles, bruno paolo benedetti

water and water reflections on sea, rivers,ponds: inspiration sources

fluid brown round shape on gleaming blue background with light shades
colors, water and light reflecions on a sea shore in winter


We have many inspiration sources for photography based digital art in the nature, we did see how the colors can give many ideas and now we can see an example taken alwas from the nature, a landscape on a sea shore. The sun light reflected on the water and the trees on the shore can be a very good subject for a nice artwork. Here the most important role is played by the sunlight reflections. They make very interesting  effects in a non objective image.


Bruno Paolo Benedetti


light and reflections

sunlight reflections

photography based digital art: sun light reflections on water with smooth texture
sun light reflections on water and sand. Fluid brown color with silky texture, smooth water. Modern art. Photography based digital art.


The picture has the sunlight reflected on the water and sand with particular smooth texture and dolden shades of brown.

The reflections are a very good subject inspiring photography based digital art. Focusing on the reflections we can obtain beautiful artworks.


Bruno Paolo Benedetti




snow field with rising blue pyramid on horizon below sun on black sky
albedo: dream landscape with snow on foreground, rising blue pyramid on middleground at horizon and sun with light reflections on surrounding clouds on black background.Surrealsim photography.


A dream image representing the albedo, step of alchemy.  Albedo is one of the four major stages of the magnum opus; along with nigredo, citrinitas and rubedo.  Following the chaos of the nigredo stage, the alchemist undertakes a purification in albedo, which is literally referred to as ablutio – the washing away of impurities. See references about albedo

Surrealism pictures are a branch or better the ancestor of photography based digital art. It is an “old” tachnique, started with the darkroom and used by surrealists as Salvador Dalì in some works of photography. The technique is known as photomontage and consistes in mounting more images into one.


Bruno Paolo Benedetti