space inside hyaline quartz pyramid in black emptiness

on black background with one full and one half moon hyaline quartz pyramid with blue and brown shades
blue and brown shades inside hyaline quartz pyramid in black empty space with full and half moon

Symbols and contrast for this digital artwork of surrealism photography. Colored hyaline quartz pyramid in black emptiness with half and full moon. Outside emptiness, inside content. Hyaline quartz changes perspectives and evidences the blue shades  like a lens.

light and reflections, surrealism

expansion of light: surreal landscape

emerging red and blue pyramid in surreal landscape with moon on dark sky and flying seagulls
emerging hyaline quartz pyramid in surreal landscape with seagulls and moon in dark sky

The light and the movement are  the theme of this surreal landscape, with symbols like light, pyramid and moon. The left perspective gives the photography based artwork a great movement from left to right. The hyaline quartz pyramid is emerging from surreal sea and the rising light is expanding, dissolving the  darkness


surrealistic symbolic artwork depicting the black work of alchemy

hyaline quartz pyramid burning in flame on black background lateral view
burning hyaline quartz pyramid in fire like a stake, surrealism picture with symbolism about alchemy


This is the second surrealistic picture holding symbolic value. It represents the first step of alchemy, the nigredo or black work. In this step  on the way to the the self awarness and enlightenment the self is distroyed for a rebirth in the second step, the albedo, represented in an other picture. Nigredo is the first step in the pathway to the philosopher’s stone all alchemical ingredients had to be cleansed and cooked extensively to a uniform black matter. See references about black work


Bruno Paolo Benedetti