abstract non objective photography, light and reflections

silver light vortex on black background

a vortex of silver light on black background
light vortex on black background

The light is the theme for this non objective photography. A vortex of light in silver tone in an emtpty black background like the space. It can depict the archetype of the cosmic creation. High contrast black and white photography based digital artwork

abstract non objective photography, light and reflections

contrasts and transparencies on black water: digital art

white transparent fluid shapes on dark water
withe transparent fluid light shapes on black water


Again a light and reflections theme for photography based digital art: white light spots on dark water. The sunlight spots become fluid and transparent, creating a high contrast light and shade effect in a non objective picture.


Bruno Paolo Benedetti


abstract non objective photography, bruno paolo benedetti, light and reflections

fluid light:non objective digital art

fluid silver light flow  from left up to right down on black background
fluid silver light flow on black background, abstract non objective artwork


A great image in black and white, with light as theme. The light flow is in silver tone. The light is a great theme in itself, and we can discover new perspectives without using colors, but just observing the light in all its nuances.


Bruno Paolo Benedetti


on bright black background white gleaming lights
abstract non objective photography, articles, bruno paolo benedetti, light and reflections

how to make high contrast non objective artworks in black and white

on bright black background white gleaming lights
fluid contrasts, black and white picture with fluid white lights on brilliant black background

When we say multimedia we mean the use of various genders of art and techniques as well. So we can have artworks with mixed pictures and paintings, pictures or painting digitally elaborated using a software and so on. Here above we see a photography based digital artwork where we find mixed analogic and digital techniques. here are all the steps used for making this artwork with very deep and bright  black color and gleaming white, all with a very smooth texture:

  1. first step is a black and white picture made on traditional 50 ASA film, Ilford Pan F, made with a Nikon FM, manual camera, using a 50 mm len with a red filter. The use of the red filter and of the 50 asa film increases the contrasts and reduces the grays:
  2. the film was processed in darkroom with Ilford Ilfosol, paying attention to make a very fine grain. For this you must use processing time a lilltle shorter than usual (using Ilfosol), but at the recommended temperature;
  3. The film was scanned and then elaborated with a software.

In this manner I had a high contrast artwork, with a  silky texture black color. The use of the mixed media, made me possbile to have an artwork of better quality than using a digital camera, or maybe I wasn’ able to obtain the same outcome using only digital tools!

Bruno Paolo Benedetti