abstract non objective photography, light and reflections

silver light vortex on black background

a vortex of silver light on black background
light vortex on black background

The light is the theme for this non objective photography. A vortex of light in silver tone in an emtpty black background like the space. It can depict the archetype of the cosmic creation. High contrast black and white photography based digital artwork

abstract non objective photography

shadows in fire flame

fire flame with black shaows on black blackground
fire flame in the night on black sky with black shadows inside


Another archetype  is the  fire. It holds a symbolic value of destruction and purification. it symbolize also strength and is connected with evil and mystery as well. In this non objective picture we can well see the fire flame, but we can also see floating shadows inside. The colors are only the black and the red, with many shades and contrasts.


Bruno Paolo Benedetti