photography based digital art blog rules

moon on earth with receeding water
moon on earth covered with receeding water, surreal landscape


Photography based digital art is a blog dedicated to the diffusion of this kind of art. Everybody can leave comments on each page of this blog under the following rules:

  • comments with racist, violent, sexual content are not allowed:
  • links with personal site of artists, curators, critics, gallerists are accepted if related with photography based digital art;
  • advertising is not accepted without permission.


The contributors can put links to their sites on each post published following these rules:

  • each picture uploaded must have the larger border of 750 pixels and at 72 dpi resolution, watermarked, this size is for protecting from undesired utilisation and for saving space on our server:
  • the contributors have responsability of their posts.
  • the contributors can upload and post only their pictures or articles written by themselves


This blog has no responsability about copyryght infringiments regarding  pictures, articles and other uploaded by the contributors.

For inquiries, information, complaints, please use the contact form here below

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