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PP Art: Photography Painting Art

Barbara Stamegna

floral pink abstract flower like image in pink tones with shades PP Art: floral pink abstract flower like image in pink tones with shades

What does PP Art mean? It is a fusion between the art of photography and that of painting.

In October 2018 Bruno Paolo Benedetti, photographer, and I,  decided to develop a new artistic flow by fusing our arts into an innovative artistic production that we have named “PP Art”.

Photography Painting Art is the result of a process of manipulation of photos of paintings and digital art photographs. Through the fusion of these two different art products, a brand new artwork is born.

The outcome is an impressive artwork where both the fused visual arts create a new more stunning image where colors and shapes are mixed in an innovative and unique  way.

The resulting abstract images  are made of fluid floating shapes and straight or bended lines, of circles and concentric shapes, of…

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the forest: inspiration source for photography based digital art

broken lines and shades of brown and ocher in non objective photography
shades of brown and ocher nuances with rough texture


We did see how colors of the nature and rivers, ponds and sea sohres as well can be inspiration source fot photography based digital art. Amoung these places, source of inpsiration, we can find also the forests. The trees give the watcher a very great number of designs and shades of brown inside their trunks. The tones are deep, the texture is rough and the shades of brown are infinite. Here above we can see a very elegant expression similar to an ancient Greek decorations.

Bruno Paolo Benedetti

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how to take a picture for making colors in acquerello texture when elaborating

gluid shape non objective with violet background with many shades
violet shades with green and white colors in acquerello texture

A picture can be a source of infinite outcomes when digitally elaborated. We have already seen how to make high contrast black and white pictures and how to represent an infinity of shades and tones. Here we can see the possibility in the photography based digital art to change the texture of the colors, making them in a texture very different than the original. The acquerello texture is possible to obtain with pictures where the light is carefully used while shooting. A light coming from the rear makes you easier to obtain colors in acquerello texture while elaborating the photo. Following the right arrow below the contact form here below we will se in the gallery some artworks made with differents kinds of acquerello texture. This technique can give a liquid consistence or light tones with light texture or opaque consistence. Different ways of using  the light for making the acquerello texture for different outcomes. The stronger is the light, the more brillant and liquid will be the artwork.


Bruno Paolo Benedetti


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water and water reflections on sea, rivers,ponds: inspiration sources

fluid brown round shape on gleaming blue background with light shades
colors, water and light reflecions on a sea shore in winter


We have many inspiration sources for photography based digital art in the nature, we did see how the colors can give many ideas and now we can see an example taken alwas from the nature, a landscape on a sea shore. The sun light reflected on the water and the trees on the shore can be a very good subject for a nice artwork. Here the most important role is played by the sunlight reflections. They make very interesting  effects in a non objective image.


Bruno Paolo Benedetti


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how to make quick and easy nice photo effects

high contrast light and reflections on dark water
sun light reflected on black water covered with thiny ice layers


making photography based digital art can be much easier than we could think. A particular few elaborated can be much more dramatic than a picture strongly manipulated. Here above we can see how we can retouch an image for a high constrat and non objective effect. Tt is a particular of the sun reflected on the water covered with ice layers and leaves. The most important part was made while making the shot, a strong underexposure made the water black and the light bright. The softare was used for increasing brightness and contrasts and no more. We have a non objective picture outcome, but the image was not changed, only one part was magnificated. Maybe we could say that even an objective picture becomes non objective if it depicts something we cannot see…


Bruno Paolo Benedetti


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fluid light:non objective digital art

fluid silver light flow  from left up to right down on black background
fluid silver light flow on black background, abstract non objective artwork


A great image in black and white, with light as theme. The light flow is in silver tone. The light is a great theme in itself, and we can discover new perspectives without using colors, but just observing the light in all its nuances.


Bruno Paolo Benedetti


on bright black background white gleaming lights
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how to make high contrast non objective artworks in black and white

on bright black background white gleaming lights
fluid contrasts, black and white picture with fluid white lights on brilliant black background

When we say multimedia we mean the use of various genders of art and techniques as well. So we can have artworks with mixed pictures and paintings, pictures or painting digitally elaborated using a software and so on. Here above we see a photography based digital artwork where we find mixed analogic and digital techniques. here are all the steps used for making this artwork with very deep and bright  black color and gleaming white, all with a very smooth texture:

  1. first step is a black and white picture made on traditional 50 ASA film, Ilford Pan F, made with a Nikon FM, manual camera, using a 50 mm len with a red filter. The use of the red filter and of the 50 asa film increases the contrasts and reduces the grays:
  2. the film was processed in darkroom with Ilford Ilfosol, paying attention to make a very fine grain. For this you must use processing time a lilltle shorter than usual (using Ilfosol), but at the recommended temperature;
  3. The film was scanned and then elaborated with a software.

In this manner I had a high contrast artwork, with a  silky texture black color. The use of the mixed media, made me possbile to have an artwork of better quality than using a digital camera, or maybe I wasn’ able to obtain the same outcome using only digital tools!

Bruno Paolo Benedetti


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surrealism and symbolism: enlightenment and self awarness

one man is walking on a bridge in multicolored sky with snow toward a door with tibetan symbols
symbolic picture depicting enlightenment and self awarness.


The enlightenment and the self awarness are depicted in all religions. Here we have a surreal sky with colors and lights and a bridge covered with snow where a man is walking to a windows with inside a corridor with symbols  and letters of Bhutanese alphabet, The corridor represents the after death experience of the human soul, and is connected with a change, the snow is always connected with meditation, the bridge in the sky is the crossing to a new step. All the symbols are togheter for a dream image with strong symbolic value.


Bruno Paolo Benedetti


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surrealism and symbolism: a way to depict cultural and religious archetypes

emerging colored pyramid in light, surrealism photography
emerging colored pyramid in light, surrealism photography


In the surrealism photography the image can hold a conceptual and symbolic value, in contrast with non objective photograpy, where the image interpretation depends on  the watcher imagination. It takes the place or better can be used along the symbols of the world cultures. We have symbols like Swastika, Cross, Moon, Sun, and many others used by official religions and mystic movements, related to a specific meaning. The two swastikas toghether simbolise the equilibrium, the cross the rebirth and the Moon, in the islamic religion, has different meanings depending on its color. All these symbols evoque, in their culture and religion, a specific sensation, message. So through the surrealism photography we can create images transmitting messages as well. The depicted situations, landscapes create a dream world which makes our imagination working. We start from the rational sphere, given by a recognizable image for reaching the emotional sphere.

We can say that, in the photography based digital art, non objective artworks adress to the emotional sphere and the surrealism picture to both  emotional and rational spheres. In the surrealsim photography the watcher sees a well-definied image with more recognizable elements.

This is of course one of the possibilities to use the  surrealism photography.  I don’t say that this is the surrealism photography, but that is a good possibility to represent concepts up to know transmitted only by symbols.


Bruno Paolo Benedetti


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the rise of surrealism and its role in photography based digital art

urban landscape in black and white with solarisation effet
black and white picture welaborated in darkroom obtaining the effect called solarisation, giving the picture a surreal atmosphere


The surrealism depicts lanscapes, situations born in the imagination of the author. They are behind the reality. The surrealsim was born with the photography, and the first elaborations where made in the 19th century. Here above we see an example of solarisation. It was made on a picture I made in the early years 7s in Bruges, Belgium, then elaborated in darkroom. For the technique  of solarisation you can follow the link to Wikipedia.


photography based digital art: moon on earth with receeding water
moon on earth covered with receeding water, surreal landscape, photomontage technique

After This kind of elaboration surrealism began with mounting, always in darkroom, more images for creating a new one. This technique was called photo montage and this is the technique used nowadays for making surreal picures, using the computer instead of the darkroom. But I can say that the difficulty for making a picure like this here above made in Belgium was very high!

Surrealism is well known and it is possible to find also pictures with even Salvador D’Alì involved with photographers in creating this kind of artworks.  In the surrealism the images are not changed, but create a mosaic for a new image.

We can say that now surrealism evolved itself into photography based digital art, this is because the new technologies changed its analogic origin.


Bruno Paolo Benedetti