articles and tutorials

about photography based digital art

fluid shapes and reflections
fluid light shapes and reflections in a high contrast artwork. Round abstract shapes.

In this section you can find instruciotns about how to make photography based digital art. Where to take inspiration from, how to manipulate the pictures and other interesting tutorials about this kind of art.

Here is an updated list of our articles:

  1. Forest: an inspiration source for photography based digital art
  2. how to take a picture for making colors in acquerello texture
  3. Water and water reflections as inspiration source
  4. How to make quick and easy  nice photo effects
  5. How to make high contrast non objective artworks in black and white
  6. Surrealism and symbolism: a way to depict religious and cultural archetypes
  7. The rise of surrealism and its role in photography based digital art
  8. Colors of the nature: an inspiration source fo photography based digital art
  9. Abstact photography and digital art

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