What means photography based digital Art?

photography based digital art: sun light reflections on water with smooth texture
sun light reflections on water and sand. Fluid brown color with silky texture, smooth water. Modern art photography with surrealistic theme. Photography based digital art.


What means photography based digital Art?

First of all that this kind of art has as start point a picture. Other kinds of digital art start from software, algorithms, but non from a real photo. So photography based means that we don’t  put on a second level the quality of the shot, but that all depends on it: the light, the colors and also the subject, play an important role in the final product. We start from this picture and elaborate the images in different ways: we can produce an image from more, the photo montage, we can dissolve the images into fluid shapes creating the non objective or abstract impressionist photography.

The result is a very impressive art, made by dream images making you see what is in your unconscious, fantasy, dreams.

As each kind of art photography based digital art speaks to the human soul, to the most intimate part of the human being.


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