after death or post mortem: esoteric symbolism

surreal corridor with scipts of bible in ancient hebrew, gospel in ancient greek, tibetan scripts, image of garuda and light
surreal corridor depicting the trip of the soul after death

after death: scripts and symbols of Tibetan, Hindu,  Hebrew, Buddhist, Islamic and Christian religion for one  goal only.  This surrealism pictures has an esoteric symbolism and is related to the syncretism . The picture depicts the path of the soul after death as from tales of religions and mistics.A corridor with a light at its top. In some religions dying man is accompanied in his start to the other wolrd journey, as written in Tibetan book of Deads for example. Pictures are taken from holy places around the world: Bhutan monastry, synagogue, greek monastry and hindu temple. Many languages and symbols for one meaning and only one transcendent destination.

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