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how to take a picture for making colors in acquerello texture when elaborating

gluid shape non objective with violet background with many shades
violet shades with green and white colors in acquerello texture

A picture can be a source of infinite outcomes when digitally elaborated. We have already seen how to make high contrast black and white pictures and how to represent an infinity of shades and tones. Here we can see the possibility in the photography based digital art to change the texture of the colors, making them in a texture very different than the original. The acquerello texture is possible to obtain with pictures where the light is carefully used while shooting. A light coming from the rear makes you easier to obtain colors in acquerello texture while elaborating the photo. Following the right arrow below the contact form here below we will se in the gallery some artworks made with differents kinds of acquerello texture. This technique can give a liquid consistence or light tones with light texture or opaque consistence. Different ways of using  the light for making the acquerello texture for different outcomes. The stronger is the light, the more brillant and liquid will be the artwork.


Bruno Paolo Benedetti


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