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when abstract photography is photography based digital art

photography based digital art

yellow shape in totally yellow image with many shades and tones
image totally in yellow color with many shades and shadows.Abstract non objective picture, photography based digital art.


The name photography based digital art definies very well how the artwork is made, it means that it is an artwork made through the elaboration of a picture. But in the gender photography we can find other kinds of pictures, named in other ways, but that can be considered photography based digital art. We can categorize them as branches of photography based digital art, representing different kinds of images. In many times the artists donìt know how to call their artwork, so choose a name they think, more than others, describing their woek. Here I have considered two of them:


Abstract photography

is unlike most other types of photography – rules, such as composition and accurate focusing hold no values. The abstract photographer uses his creative imagination to create stunning works of art.Abstract photography is a process of using colours and patterns combined to create an image, with no true meaning or no clear subject involved. Abstract photography is not necessarily going to mean the same thing to everyone. Abstract photography leaves more to the imagination and helps us concentrate on texture and colour and has not a conventional image as subject. This kind of abstract photography is called non objective and is photography base digital art.

Abstract impressionist photography

takes inspiration from abstract impressionism. Abstract Impressionism is a type of abstract painting where small brushstrokes build and structure large paintings. Small brushstrokes exhibit control of large areas, expressing the artist’s emotion and focus on inner energy, and sometimes contemplation, creating expressive, lyrical and thoughtful qualities in the paintings.The brushstrokes are similar to those of Impressionists such as Monet and Post-Impressionists such as van Gogh and Seurat. We have the colors and the images  vanished or strongly elaborated.

These above described two styles of photography, can be considered more properly photography based digital art as both of them have the images elaborated, abstracted, into a new image.

I think that it is important to have a right “label” for our artwork, in this manner we can better promote it and distinguish from other kinds of photography and art.


Bruno Paolo Benedetti


I receive this comment by Fred Asbury 

There are additionally two more layers. First is Abstract Expressionist Photography which allows more freedom of “expression” rather than simply an “impression” of a scene. And secondly, Digital Fine Art, my favorite genre, which begins with a photograph but most of the time begins with only a part of one and expands into pure abstract image making that has no real relationship to the original photograph on any level. It is a unique image that takes on a whole new life when completed.
At this point in your personal development as an artist, you are very close to abstract painting, either oil, acrylic, or watercolor, in your approach, planning, and execution of the work.
I am both a painter and digital artist and I find that I think no differently when approaching either media in the planning and execution of the work. There is only one difference, the TOOLS I use to perform the work.


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